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CCS students beginning in fourth grade are assigned to research a topic and write a research paper. These papers are formatted in MLA Style, a standard research paper format used in high schools and universities. MLA style was developed and is maintained by the Modern Language Association, the publisher of the reference book,  MLA Handbook.  We teach the Eighth Edition of the MLA Handbook which was published April 2016.

To avoid plagiarism when writing research papers, the sources of all ideas borrowed from other authors must be documented in the paper. MLA style requires sources to be listed on the last page which is titled "Works Cited." Then a short reference to an item in the Works Cited list is placed next to each quotation in the body of the paper.

The specific procedure for creating MLA style depends upon the word processing software being used. The word processing software available in the CCS computer lab is Microsoft Word 2007. Click Word 2007 - to link to the specific MLA formatting procedures.

 Examples of MLA style papers

There are many examples of MLA style papers on the Web; however some of those examples have not been updated to show the MLA style changes implemented in 2016. You can quickly verify that you are looking at an example of the 2016 format. Check the Works Cited list; if book titles are italicized, not underlined it uses the 2016 format. The following web pages show examples of the latest revision.

  Creating the Works Cited page

The Works Cited page is the last page of an MLA Style research paper. Other formatting standards use the word Bibliography for this page.

When creating the Works Cited page for a research paper, you must document each source referenced in the paper, providing the required content in the appropriate format so that the reader understands where the referenced facts were found. This allows to reader to check your research by looking at your sources. The MLA Handbook Eighth Edition gives an extensive list of styles to be used when formatting different types of sources.

Microsoft Word includes features that simplify documenting sources and creating the Works Cited page. The References menu section titled Citations & Bibliography contains a tool Insert Citation references in your text and a tool, Bibliography, that creates the Works Cited page heading and its list of cited sources.

As you do the research for your paper, it is important to document the sources of data that you might use in your paper. This Citation Data Form is a sheet for conveniently collecting citation data for each source. You may print the form and use it while doing research. The filled out forms contain the data for your bibliography.