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CCS uses two programs to teach computer graphics. Paint.NET is used to teach 2D graphics. SketchUp Make is used to teach 3D graphics. There is a full-year middle school elective course covering 3D graphics including 3D printing.  

The program Paint.NET  (pronounced "paint dot net") is used to teach computer graphics to students in grades kindergarten through 8. Its user interface is easy to learn for young students however its advanced features, such as multiple layers, file import from scanners and cameras, and digital photo editing, continue to challenge the interests of older students.

The Paint.NET user interface is shown below.

 Downloading Paint.NET

Download Paint.NET (at no cost) from web page,

The install program downloads as a zip file requiring WinZip or similar program to extract the install file, Paint.NET.3.5.11.Install.exe. Extract the file to a convenient location then click on it to install Paint.NET.

The website, contains much good information about Paint.NET, such as minimum computer requirements, Features, Screenshots and Forums. Although Paint.NET is a free download, if you choose to use Paint.NET we recommend that you consider giving something on the Donate page to help cover the developer's cost.

However we recommend that you DO NOT DOWNLOAD PAINT.NET from the website. The download page and homepage contain ads and download buttons for non-Paint.NET software. The page layouts are (intentionally?) very confusing and it is very easy to click the wrong download button and download unwanted software.