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  The grade 2 and 3 teachers bring students to the computer lab once a week for 45 minutes. Students in grades 2 and 3 learn how to (some of this will be a review of previous years' instruction):

  • Enter the computer lab, pick up name card, find a computer to use and place the name card on the top of his/her computer
  • Log on to the network - Ctrl-Alt-Delete, user name and password
  • Use files and folders on the computer.
    • Open files from the Grade 2 folder, "second" or grade 3 folder, "third"
    • Save files to and open files from the student's home folder. Folder name = student's user name
  • Close files and log off the network
  • Use printer to print documents created
  • Use graphics editor program, Paint.NET,  to draw pictures and type text.
  • Use math facts game program, KeyMath, to practice addition and subtraction facts
  • Use keyboarding practice program, KeyTest, to learn and practice keyboarding skills. Grade 2 goal: 24 keys mastered. Grade 3 goal: 36 keys mastered and a speed of 5 words per minute.
  • Use a word processor, Microsoft Word, to type stories.
  • Use a desktop publishing program, Microsoft Publisher, to create greeting cards and brochures
  • Use an Internet browser, Internet Explorer, to find text and picture content on the Internet. Incorporate that content in student-created pictures and documents.