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Each CCS classroom has a few computers for teachers and students to use. In addition, the school has a computer lab where Mr. Sandy provides weekly formal computer instruction that is designed to enhance each student's knowledge of computers and to develop skill in using them.

The topics presented in the computer lab are sequenced so that more advanced concepts are presented when students demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts.
Kindergarten students come to the computer lab (beginning after Christmas) for 30 minutes per week of instruction. Students in grades 1 through 5 receive 45-minutes of computer instruction per week. Middle school elective, Computers-1, focuses on effective communication using the computer (meets two 55-minute periods per week (TuTh). The middle school elective, Computers 2 - Computer Programming, is an introduction to computer programming - including game programming using the BYOB programming environment. The middle school elective, Computers 3 - 3D Design, is an introduction to the concepts of digital design using SketchUp modeling software. Middle school Computers 2 is taught every other year with Computers 3 being taught in intervening years. Computers 2 and 3 meet three 55-minute periods per week, MWF. 

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