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Computers-3 (3D Design)

2017-2018 (Proposed)

Teacher: Mr. Sandy


Design of Solomon's Temple

The Temple that King Solomon built for the Lord was 90 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 45 feet high. The entry room at the front of the Temple was 30 feet wide, running across the entire width of the Temple. It projected outward 15 feet from the front of the Temple. Solomon also made narrow recessed windows throughout the Temple.
1 Kings 6:2-6

Surveys indicate that more than 30 percent of the top 300 largest global brands are now using or evaluating 3D printing. … “3D has reached … a tipping point.”
TJ McCue , July 21, 2015

Course Overview

The goal of the middle-school Computers 3 – 3D Design course is to learn to design three-dimensional objects such as mechanical parts and buildings. Students will learn to use SketchUp 2016, three-dimension design software, to create 3D models and multiple-view, dimensioned drawings. Printed copies of drawings will be produced on an 11"x17" printer. Students will learn to design solid objects and to print them as solid plastic objects using a PrintrBot 3D printer.


The course will begin by reviewing procedures for logging on to the CCS Student network and the locations of accessible network folders: student’s home folder, media folder and inbox folder.


The course will review basic computer skills (Microsoft Word 2007 and Paint.NET) before introducing the new topics. Students will use the Internet Explorer 9 browser and the KidRex search engine for lesson-related research on the Web. KidRex and other content filtering software are in use at CCS to restrict access to inappropriate Internet content.


Students will make precision measurements of length, width, depth and angles. Students will learn the basics of constructive solid geometry.


At times students will work individually but at other times students will work collaboratively in design teams.




  • Completion of Computers-1 or teacher's approval.
  • Acceptance of the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy that governs the use of the CCS computer network.



SketchUp software is free to download from

The website has been created by Mr.Sandy to provide computer course assistance to CCS students. 


Student-provided Materials



Thumb drive (2GB)

taking assignments home


Attendance, Class Participation and Behavior

Computers-3 meets Tuesday and Thursday from 1:25 to 2:20 pm for two semesters in the computer lab, room 101. Students are expected to be in their seats at 1:25. Lectures and assigned work will be accomplished in the computer lab. Students are expected to attend classes, listen attentively to lectures, ask lesson-related questions, participate in class discussions and focus on completing assigned work. Failure to be prepared for class and in-class behavior will affect grades. If absent from class, it is the student's responsibility to learn the missed material.


The CCS Acceptable Use Policy applies to activities in the computer lab. Physical abuse of the equipment, attempts to access age-inappropriate websites or posting inappropriate content on the Internet is unacceptable behavior that may result in a student’s removal from this course.


The search site and web content filter software is in use at CCS to restrict student access to webpages with inappropriate content.


Tests and Quizzes

There will be quizzes and tests on material covered in lectures. Quizzes will test knowledge of the topic just presented. Tests cover a broader spectrum of topics covered in the course. Topics covered in a quiz/test will be reviewed a day before the test. Most tests and quizzes will require a student to use a program to demonstrate learned skills. Students may search the Internet and access website during tests if desired. Quizzes/tests will be reviewed after they have been graded.

Students who have an excused absence on the day of a quiz or test are required to take a make-up test within one week. Missing a quiz or test due to unexcused absence will result in a grade of 0.


Projects and Assignments

Short assignments will follow lectures and will provide an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the material just presented. Projects will be of longer duration and will require the student to potentially apply all knowledge gained up to that point in the course. It is expected that projects and assignments will be accomplished in class. All assignments and tests will be posted on the website, however if there is an assignment that is not posted on the website, you are still responsible to complete it.



There will be very few homework assignments. However missing a class may require the student to make up the work outside of class time either after school (see Office Hours) or at home.


Grading Scale (approximate)

Class Participation — 10%

Assignments & Projects — 80%

Tests and Quizzes — 10%


The actual percentages in any quarter may vary slightly from those listed.


Extra Credit

There is no plan for extra credit opportunities.


Office Hours

I will be on campus in the computer lab (room 101) until 4 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. I can meet with students to provide assistance with assignments or meet with parents at those times. Contact me in advance to ensure that I will be available. Missed tests/assignments may be made up afterschool on Tuesday or Friday by appointment. Other meeting times may be available by appointment.


Please inform me ahead of time if you would like to use the computers after school on Tuesday or Friday for class work only.


*Please note: Actual course content may vary slightly from this syllabus.