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Computers-2 (Computer Programming)


Mr. Sandy


No matter what future we may envision, that future relies on software-intensive systems that have not yet been written.

~ Grady Booch


The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple.
~ Grady Booch

Course Overview

The Middle School Computers-2 course focuses on programming of Windows 10 computers. The course will review basic computer skills before introducing the new topics. Students will:

·         review procedures for logging on to the CCS Student network and the locations of accessible network folders: student’s home folder, media folder and inbox folder.

·         use the Internet to search for answers to teacher-posed problems

·         use the graphical programming environment, “Build Your Own Block” (BYOB), also known as SNAP!, to study classical programming techniques such as variables, looping, decision making, functions, procedures and recursion

·         use another version of the BYOB software, known as “Enchanting”, to control hardware connected to the USB port such as a Lego NXT robot

·         use the sound editing software, Audacity, to create the sound clips required for inclusion in their programs, such as interactive video games

·         create and demonstrate a simple multiplayer video game

·         create a program for reading and writing text files using a version of the C programming language.

·         create a website containing three web pages and publish it on the Internet

·         understand computer hardware – what's inside the case, and how it works - as well as the binary number system and its application in digital electronics. Use transistors and resistors to build an electronic circuit

·         Actual course content may vary slightly from this syllabus.



  • Completion of Computers-1 or teacher's approval.
  • Acceptance of the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy that governs the use of the CCS computer network.



The website has been created by Mr.Sandy to provide computer course assistance to CCS students. Programs used are available from:


Obtain from


free download from


free download from

or use online


free download from


free download from


Free download from


Free download from


Student-provided Materials



Thumb drive (2GB)

taking assignments home

Earbud style earphones with 3.5 mm connector

(available from Mr.Sandy for $2.00)

listening to music when selecting or editing sound files


Attendance, Class Participation and Behavior

Computers-2 meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:25 to 2:20 in the computer lab. Students are expected to be in their seats at 1:25. Lectures and assigned work will be accomplished in the computer lab. Student behavior will be considered when calculating grades. Students are expected to attend classes, listen attentively to lectures, ask lesson-related questions and participate in class discussions. Failure to be prepared for class will lower the student's grade. If absent from class, it is the student's responsibility to learn the missed material.


The CCS Acceptable Use Policy applies to activities in the computer lab. Physical abuse of the equipment, attempts to access age-inappropriate websites or posting inappropriate content on the Internet is unacceptable behavior that may result in a student’s removal from this course.


The search site and BlueCoat K9 web content filter software is in use at CCS to restrict student access to webpages with inappropriate content.


Projects and Assignments

Short assignments will follow lectures and will provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts just presented by creating programs. Projects will be of longer duration and will require the student to apply all knowledge gained up to that point in the course. It is expected that projects and assignments will be accomplished in class. However, if a student is absent from class meetings, doing the assignments after school may be required. The lab is available for student use after school two days a week (see below). If a student has BYOB (or other programming language) at home then working on assignments at home is acceptable.


Tests and Quizzes

There may be quizzes on material covered in lectures. Quizzes will test knowledge of the topic just presented. Topics covered in a quiz will be reviewed a day before the test. Students may search the Internet and access website during tests if desired. Quiz results will be discussed after the quiz has been graded.

Students who have an excused absence on the day of a quiz or test are required to schedule a make-up test with the teacher. Missing a quiz or test due to unexcused absence will result in a grade of 0.



There will be very few homework assignments. However missing a class may require the student to make up the work outside of class time.


Grading Scale

Class Participation — 10%

Assignments — 70%

Tests and Quizzes — 20%


The actual percentages in any quarter may vary slightly from those listed.


Extra Credit

There is no plan for extra credit opportunities.


Office Hours

I will be on campus in room 101 until 4 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. I can meet with students to provide assistance with assignments or meet with parents at that times. Contact me in advance to ensure that I will be available. Other meeting times are available by appointment.


Please inform me ahead of time if you would like to use the computer lab after school Tuesday or Friday for class work only.