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to the Cornerstone Christian Schools (CCS) computer lab. This website provides course descriptions and supplemental resource material in support of computer lessons.

In the lab there are 30 networked, Windows 10, student computers. Sitting at any computer a student can access network data including his/her "home" folder, teacher-provided media content and the Internet. Filters block student access to inappropriate Internet content.

All CCS students in grades kinder through 5 receive one computer lesson each week. Middle school students who are enrolled in computer electives receive two or three computer lessons each week. As part of their studies, students are taught to effectively, safely and ethically search the Internet.

We strive to provide students with meaningful computer skills that can be applied to their CCS classroom assignments and later in life. The middle school Computers-1, Computers-2 and Computers-3 courses provide students with the opportunity to develop advanced communication skills and experience the basics of  computer programming and 3D design.  3D design includes printing student-designed plastic models using a 3D printer.

We at CCS are continuing to explore opportunities for improving the students' experience with information technology through the "Computers" sequence of courses taught here. We would like to hear any suggestions you have for improving the program. Elden Sandy,

This site is part of the computer curriculum at Cornerstone Christian Schools.  The site is maintained by CCS computer teacher, Elden Sandy. Last update 23 Oct 2016.

See the Course Content page for a description of what students are taught in computer courses each year.

Computer lab history

July 2011 - The computer lab was renovated, new computer tables constructed, new local area network cables installed (see pictures below.) The network server and network switch electronics were installed in a nearby closet. Thirty student workstations and a teacher workstation were created with networked Windows XP computers and flat-screen monitors.

August 2011 - New K-8 computer curriculum was introduced. Middle school electives offered were Computer Communications and Computer Programming.

May 2014 - A 3D-printer was donated to the computer lab for use by students in the 3D Design course.

July 2016 - Replaced all computers with Dell 780 64-bit computers and Windows 10 Professional 64-bit operating system.  Redesigned and simplified the Windows user interface using Classic Shell to make the start menu look like Windows 7. Upgraded application programs. These computers are much faster and will run the Google Earth and SketchUp programs without "freezing."

August 2016 - Updated MLA Style description to correspond with the MLA Handbook 8th Edition, The Modern Language Association of America, New York 2016.

Mar 2018 - All computers now have video accelerator cards installed. Now images of 3D objects are displayed much more quickly when designing with SketchUp.